Services for Educators

Mike has worked with teachers, students, leadership teams, and senior administrators as a partner in the creation of intentional cultures of positivity and success. Whether it is a class, school, staff, or district, Mike has a suite of frameworks designed to help you explore and meet your learning and cultural needs. 

Corporate Development Services

In the corporate world, Mike has delivered keynotes, breakouts, and workshops to groups both big and small focusing on workplace culture, relationship building for maximum function, and leadership from the front and from within. 

Contact Mike to choose from existing development frameworks or to work with Mike to develop a solution customized to your current needs. 


What People are saying

“Mike, I just wanted to say I was very inspired and impressed with your talk this morning at the Director’s Meeting. You really speak and work from the heart. I have heard so many good things through the years about you and it is all true. We are blessed to have someone who really cares and is so dedicated to making a difference in each and everyone who you work with. You do make a difference with all!”

Joan – Administrator 

"You are a gifted speaker who is able to touch an audience through sincerity, humor, wit, and down to earth message. Thanks for your time and energy on providing a wonderful message that will positively impact so many. Well done!!”

Rob - School Division Director

"Mike Chase is dynamic, hilarious, original, talented, and he relates well with teens. He presented at our student leadership conference. His wacky way and excellent nature were loved by my students. It was one of the highest rated events of the day. His message was not only valuable but was presented in an entertaining and meaningful way. I highly recommend Mike to speak with any group. He is very worldly, witty, and worthy of seeing.”

-Gilles, Teacher

“I was able to attend your second session yesterday. You did a fantastic job with a tough topic! Our students have told me that they enjoyed everything you presented. Congratulations.”

-Dave, High School Principal

Thank YOU. My daughter thought that yesterday
was a "great day" and they were singing songs in the van on the way home. Contrary to the dreaded "sermon" approach, she enjoyed the modern, up-beat meaningful messages you shared yesterday. She especially liked your "voices" and sense of humor. I am so happy that they were able to experience this great day.

- Shauna, Teacher and Parent