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The best workplace or school cultures have a number of things in common. Leaders work from a foundation of individual and group strengths, communication is strong, and clear intentions guide people who have come together with a sense of purpose. These attributes rarely occur by accident, and the most functional teams understand how to bring these elements together to achieve measured and steady progress.

Drawing on extensive experience as a leader and educator, Mike brings together the latest research in leadership, positive psychology, positive education, and coaching to create unique supports for teams and individuals that want to take their performance to the next level. 


Leadership Coaching


Are you ready to explore your leadership in order to find ways to build deeper relationships and inspire others to peak performance? 

See what leadership coaching from a strengths perspective is all about. 

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Development Services


With high energy keynotes, engaging breakout sessions, and tailored workshops, Mike has the development framework that will best fit your team. 

Explore what is possible for students, teachers, and corporate audiences.

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Positive Education Supports


Interested in Positive Education?

Follow the link below for a list of resources and links to people around the world that are leading the way in PE. 

Click below to see how Mike offers coaching specific to those on a Positive Education journey. 

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