About Mike



Mike Chase has worked with senior officers and other professionals in a variety of fields, including government, education, professional athletics, finance, administration, retail, hospitality, as well as other corporate settings.  His coaching, workshops, and speaking events have included marketing executives, teachers, senior administrators, front line service representatives and youth. 

Mike holds a doctorate in educational leadership, a master's degree in human resource development, a bachelor's degree in education, a bachelor's degree in French and he is certified and accredited as a professional coach through the International Coach Federation.

In addition to his everyday role as school based leader and teacher, Mike has been working as a speaker, coach and facilitator for over 10 years.  He currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with his wonderful wife and their two beautiful boys.   

Current Interests

Mike's doctoral dissertation looked at the perceived affects of group coaching for school leaders. His work can be found at https://dune.une.edu/theses/162/.

As his doctoral work is now complete, Mike is turning his attention towards potential connections between positive education, leadership and coaching. He is currently working with a group of progressive school-based leaders to explore how these three concepts can create flourishing learning communities.

Contact Mike if you see possible connections or even if you have a passing interest.