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Mike has been working as a Certified Professional Coach since 2013 and brings experience from multiple sectors. Drawing from the latest research in leadership, coaching, positive education, and positive psychology, Mike will partner with you - working to help you identify the obstacles and opportunities that lie between you and the vision of leadership that you have for yourself. 

A good coach understands that the path to greatness lies within the client. The coaching partnership is designed to provide the tools, process and accountability to get you from where you are in your leadership journey to where you want to go. Mike's coaching style is upbeat, enthusiastic, and focused on the positive potential in life. He will also speak plainly and with kindness when it comes to the confrontation of those habits and thoughts that no longer serve you. 

Sessions usually range from 10 to 15 weekly one hour discussions, but are determined individually based on context and goals. 

Coaching can be done in person or virtually over Skype, and is most often effective outside of regular working hours. Mike will work to accommodate your time and schedule as you set out your plan. 

Contact Mike today to explore how you can work towards the home, work, school, or life leadership that you are capable of. 


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What Clients Are Saying


"Stepping outside the comfort zone and really putting myself out there, sharing my inner most thoughts and feelings is something that I don’t do naturally. However you consistently created a safe place for me and always utilized a caring approach, whilst  regularly asking appropriate questions that at times shifted my perspective, challenged me and encouraged me to look at things in a slightly differently way. This culminated in me gaining some great things from this relationship as I have outlined above."

-Liam, Australia

"Our coaching sessions truly exceeded my
expectations. I knew in my heart that something wasn’t serving me anymore – I knew whatever old beliefs I was hanging onto had to go. Although I didn’t know at the time what they were, you helped me identify them. If I wasn’t able to identify them, I wouldn’t have been able to start making change. I’m so glad I chose a broad spectrum of goals to set with you. Defining the goals was the easy part. Staying motivated and true to myself is what I learnt most from you. Although there were difficult moments when identifying my false truths, sharing my weaknesses, and being vulnerable, it wasn’t difficult for me to share with you. You bring compassion, kindness, and humility to your coaching style. Your help and guidance with be forever cherished."

-Angela, Canada

"I only can say positive things. Upfront Mike gave me a really helpful introduction which helped me to know what I could expect if I chose to be coached by him. The way the sessions have been set up, I was the one who decided what we do and when. I really have the feeling it is all about me, with the questions he asked and the structure he provided. I am really looking forward to our next sessions."

-Steff, Spain